Tune into the Cloud – Pressure Off

Success, in bott the music and the cloud industry, is not merely about having the best product, delivered by the most capable performers. Even the best product (be it a service or a song)  will only make it to the top of the charts if it has been put together with just enough magic to makeContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud – Pressure Off”

Tune into the Cloud – Ho Ho Ho

And we are back (in this blog that is).  December is the time to look back and forth, and after posting the last original Tune in 2016 and a greatest hits eBook in 2017 there now seems to be again enough news and change to once again pick up the pace and follow the rhythm. However, not in theContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud – Ho Ho Ho”

How many CEO’s to screw in a lightbulb

Is it just me or has the CEO title recently fallen pray to title inflation? More and more companies seem to find economies of scale in appointing CEO’s by the dozen, one per division, one per continent or even one per country. It used to be pretty clear that if you had a meeting withContinue reading “How many CEO’s to screw in a lightbulb”

Building (or buying) a better mousetrap

Most people by now agree that “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door” is not a recipe for commercial success in technology innovation. In many cases it is not the quality of the technology that determines the winner. It is about timing, branding and addressing the right problemContinue reading “Building (or buying) a better mousetrap”

Connecting The Dots in Enterprise Cloud

Conventional wisdom is that the fastest connection between two points- for example between today and tomorrow – is a straight line. But just like in aviation this is not necessarily true in cloud computing. First because cloud computing is not one thing (not one dot on the map) it is a conglomerate of many differentContinue reading “Connecting The Dots in Enterprise Cloud”

Why the cloud may require you to learn multiple words for snow

Cloud is at the center of a convergence trend that is impacting people across all of ICT. This convergence is breaking down the walls that separated the traditional silo’s of IT, networking, storage and security. But with this breaking down of the walls we also need to better understand the subtleties of each others domainsContinue reading “Why the cloud may require you to learn multiple words for snow”

Did the US just give a bigger stimulus towards local European Cloud activities than the EU ever could?

Unless you have been under a rock for the last week it was impossible not to notice the uproar regarding the Guardian’s story on alleged information collection , allegedly called PRISM that -again allegedly- involved several major cloud service providers. The most detailed and nuanced piece so far – but it is only Sunday whenContinue reading “Did the US just give a bigger stimulus towards local European Cloud activities than the EU ever could?”