On Plate Tectonics, Glacier Shifts and Cloud Forecasts

Not all major changes are visible to the naked eye. Standing next to a glacier it is difficult to determine direction (does it grow or shrink across seasons) and watching continents move takes even some stamina for the casual observer. Luckily this is not the case for cloud computing. Apart from the very noticeable cloudContinue reading “On Plate Tectonics, Glacier Shifts and Cloud Forecasts”

Are Conference Calls the New Coffeehouses of Idea Enlightenment?

Edison is believed to have said “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”, and 9 out of 10 times “implementation trumps innovation” when it comes to achieving commercial success, but is it just me, or has the well of new ideas around cloud computing run a bit dry recently? Big Data is rapid gaining groundContinue reading “Are Conference Calls the New Coffeehouses of Idea Enlightenment?”

Truth in (round) numbers?

Statistics matter, not only in business, but increasingly also in our social life – well, at least in our social media life. Some of the statistics I noticed this week were round numbers, like 1000. With 1000 representing both the number now showing under “followers” in Twitter and the revenue number for research (that’s excludingContinue reading “Truth in (round) numbers?”

The rise of IT-industrialization

A few days ago I attended the analyst summit of one of Europe’s large service providers and the theme of industrialization rang through very clearly in many of the presentation and interview sessions. Those of you who followed my earlier writings know that applying the lessons of modern manufacturing to today’s IT, is a topicContinue reading “The rise of IT-industrialization”

Cloud in one hundred days (and nights)

This week the Gartner Symposium visited an unexpectedly sunny Barcelona. This year’s theme for the Gartner Symposium is  “Re-imagine IT” and how the forces of Cloud, Social, Information (incl. big data) and Mobile are forming a nexus (Websters: a connected group or series) of change, see the bottom of this post for a link toContinue reading “Cloud in one hundred days (and nights)”

Using a cloud service to … collect information on European cloud infrastructure services

The public cloud infrastructure as a service market is developing quickly, also in Europe. Over the past months we saw the number of international IaaS providers setting up shop in Europe increase, while also several European based providers launched new or upgraded offerings. To keep a finger on the pulse of developments we started, asContinue reading “Using a cloud service to … collect information on European cloud infrastructure services”

Of these 10 most hated jobs, how many did you have?

Earlier this week Yahoo Finance ran an article on the 10 most hated jobs (based on a survey asking hundreds of thousands of employees at a major career site). What amazed me most – apart from the large number of IT jobs, including the top one,  making the list – was that I personally wasContinue reading “Of these 10 most hated jobs, how many did you have?”

Travelling at the speed of cloud in Europe

First post from my new base blogs.gartner.com. When looking at public cloud infrastructure as a service it is fair to say that, with some notable exceptions, most off the larger scale activities, initiatives and even the majority of excitement and buzz around this phenomena so far originated outside of Europe. Understandable, as both the largest and mostContinue reading “Travelling at the speed of cloud in Europe”

Did the global summer of cloud start in NYC?

Having just returned a scorching hot New York (host of CloudExpo East 2011) to a definitely cooler Europe, it makes sense to see whether these differences in temperature also apply to the cloud market. This 8th Expo was the third cloud expo I was invited to speak at and it definitely was the biggest soContinue reading “Did the global summer of cloud start in NYC?”