Using a cloud service to … collect information on European cloud infrastructure services

The public cloud infrastructure as a service market is developing quickly, also in Europe. Over the past months we saw the number of international IaaS providers setting up shop in Europe increase, while also several European based providers launched new or upgraded offerings.

To keep a finger on the pulse of developments we started, as part of the European Cloud IaaS coverage at Gartner, surveying pan-European providers of Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service . We are now extending the invite to participate in that survey more widely (like we recently did for the CIO survey).

Especially in Europe we see cloud IaaS services being offered as an extension to existing services, this survey focuses therefore on how IaaS services fit with the overall service portfolios of providers, so it also includes short questions on adjacent offerings in areas such as PaaS, SaaS, Managed Desktops & VDI, DC Outsourcing, Infrastructure Utility Services, Managed Hosting, Co-location and  IT Professional & Brokerage Services.

If you are providing IaaS services in at least two European regions, then please take some time to fill out this survey. The data received will be used to gauge the overall state of the pan-European Public Cloud IaaS landscape, not to describe individual providers (for these we use other information such as the regular vendor briefing process, see here how to apply for such briefings).

You can take the survey from the Gartner Blog Network (GBN) page here

If you have any questions please send a short email to gregor.petri at

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