10 Years on, and it still matters?

If an article, 10 years after its initial publication date, is featured in several look backs, reviews, Q&As and still gathers reactions and emotional analysis, it can be concluded it must have struck a chord – or in this case – more an open nerve. In May 2003*, the Harvard Business Review published “IT Doesn’tContinue reading “10 Years on, and it still matters?”

The spring of 2013 is off to a cool start

Even though today’s crowning ceremony in Amsterdam enjoyed some modest sunshine, the temperatures across Europe are at an all time low. A more reliable indication that spring has started, are the annual Cool Vendor reports being published. For the first time this series includes a note dedicated to cloud activity in Europe. The “Cool VendorsContinue reading “The spring of 2013 is off to a cool start”

Will CPR significantly increase cloud survival rates?

IT is an acronym crazed world. So crazy that sometimes – when running out of three letter ones – we simply  recycle them or add sequence numbers. Remember MRP, which used to mean Material Requirements Planning, but then became Manufacturing Resource Planning (called MRP II to avoid confusion), to only a couple of years – and aContinue reading “Will CPR significantly increase cloud survival rates?”

Dear Apps, why can we not just all get along?

Ecosystem could be “the word” of 2013, if only vendors, providers, ISVs and other technology conglomerates stop acting in a “This Town ain’t big enough for the both of us“ way. As an App user* I am increasingly amazed, affected and annoyed by what in my view can only be described as turf wars betweenContinue reading “Dear Apps, why can we not just all get along?”

What happens in Barcelona…. can now be seen here

Also this year cloud computing was a large topic at Gartner’s annual symposium in Barcelona. It shared the limelight with the other three forces of the Nexus (Social, Mobile and Information) but managed to pop into most conversations and presentations. For those who missed it – and for attendees that did not manage to beContinue reading “What happens in Barcelona…. can now be seen here”

Is the way to the European Cloud paved mainly with good intentions?

At the end of last month the EU released its plans for “Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Computing in Europe”. But although the document (s) – just like EU commissioner Kroes in this video – do a good job describing in non-technical terms what cloud is and why Europe should care about having a competitiveContinue reading “Is the way to the European Cloud paved mainly with good intentions?”

A Cloud That Cares? Or About Eating Your Cloud And Having it too.

Although self-service -together with elasticity, pooling/sharing, etc. – is a defining attribute of cloud computing, many of the companies expressing an interest in cloud computing do not seem to be aware of that. In fact, when asked: who do you expect to provision your services to the cloud?; who will monitor your services’ performance andContinue reading “A Cloud That Cares? Or About Eating Your Cloud And Having it too.”

On Dog Years, Cloud Years, and A-years

Innovations are commonly judged by how fast they reached 50 million users (Radio, 38 years; TV, 13 years; Internet, 4 years; iPod, 3 years, etc.). Another way to look at this is by time equivalents: If one Dog Year equals 7 human years than how many years of traditional IT do we travel in oneContinue reading “On Dog Years, Cloud Years, and A-years”