Connecting The Dots in Enterprise Cloud

Conventional wisdom is that the fastest connection between two points- for example between today and tomorrow – is a straight line. But just like in aviation this is not necessarily true in cloud computing. First because cloud computing is not one thing (not one dot on the map) it is a conglomerate of many different types of services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, BPaaS) each with its own characteristics and following its own timeline.

This makes it very difficult (if even useful) to get organisations to agree on a cloud strategy. A colleague of mine once compared it to leading five blind folded people each to a separate part of an elephant and then afterwards asking them to agree what they just “saw” and what action to take.

Trying to extrapolate these many views into the future and agree a possible path or strategy in such a diverse environment is even harder. That however should not stop us from trying. The illustration on the right actually comes from a research note just published* on the topic that identifies three factors that will significantly impact cloud adoption in the enterprise space.

As Gartner made the note – in anticipation of the upcoming Symposium Season and the Outsourcing Summits in London and Orlando – generally available via this press release, I wont try and give an even shorter summary here. Suffice to say that some established technology marketing truths – like the ones Geoffrey Moore described over twenty years in his classic “Crossing the Chasm” – still hold true, even today.

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