Service Portfolio Management or How Cloud Computing puts an end to bottoms up Service Management

This blog features both under our Service Management and Portfolio Management sections and revolves around a video we created earlier this year.

In the video a demand manager tries to convince an operations manager of the benefits of a portfolio approach. The operations manager is not easy to convince as he feels his approach of monitoring his hardware and software gives him good insight into what is going on.

Such a bottoms up approach, starting from the technical components we are running in our datacenter, is a common approach when implementing traditional service management (if we do not run it ourselves, it can’t be very important so we don’t need to support it, let alone document it). Cloud Computing puts a spanner into this logic. Starting from the components we run ourselves will give an increasingly incomplete picture.

Does that make the video less applicable? On the contrary! A top down portfolio approach now becomes even more essential. So suggest you have a quick look, if only for the undeniable entertainment value.

BTW If you’re interested to see how Service Management, Portfolio Management and Cloud Computing are also coming together in terms of popularity have a look at my Cloudy Xmas trends blog.

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