Book: Lean and the Art of Cloud Computing Management

Lean and the art of cloud computing managementBy Gregor Petri (2011)

Organisations around the world are embarking on a cloud computing journey. The art of cloud computing management offers guidance by providing a non-technical, structured overview of cloud computing and by showing how IT organisations (large and small) can transform themselves from a guardian of the traditional IT factory to orchestrators of leaner and more agile IT supply chains.

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About a year ago, we published the Cloud Academy primer “Shedding Light on Cloud Computing”. Since then, interest in cloud computing has blossomed and I have had the opportunity to present our Cloud Academy content at cloud computing events around the world. This new book encapsulates the insights and knowledge gathered from the conversations at these events. That includes the dialogue with cloud practitioners, vendors, customers and the considerable number of cloud computing gurus this industry―despite its young age―already seems to have.
In the first part of this book, Cloud Computing―Defined, we include an abbreviated and updated version of the “Shedding Light on Cloud Computing” primer. This provides a quick recap of the various types of cloud computing, the reasons why organisations would want to implement such a strategy, and the risks associated with cloud computing.

In the second part, we discuss a number of more philosophical questions around this phenomena that is reshaping today’s IT: How big is the cloud?; Can cloud computing be assured and secured?; Does it mean the end of the data centre as we know it?

In the third part―The Industrialisation of IT―we spotlight how cloud computing is creating both an opportunity and a necessity for IT management to transform itself from being a guardian of the IT factory to an orchestrator of a supply chain of internal and external services.