Tune into the Cloud: God is a DJ

Despite valiant efforts of the Dutch ICT association, the local ministry of economic affairs and tireless encouragement from (now former) EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes, my home country, the Netherlands, has been struggling to gain cloud momentum. Not an uncommon characteristics in Europe but a sharp contrast to the US, but also to Dutch progress in theContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud: God is a DJ”

Tune into the Cloud: Dock of the Bay

Tune into: Containers For this New Year’s edition of Tune into the Cloud I spend a quiet, sunny morning sitting on the dock of a harbor bay  – thinking of Otis Redding –  to look at the incoming and outgoing streams into our little country called cloud. But basically I saw only one thing go by, namely: containers! No trend is currentlyContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud: Dock of the Bay”

Tune Into The Cloud: The Billionaire Boys Club

Tune into: Go to market success Not too long ago, it took even the most successful entrepreneurs several centuries or at least decades to reach a valuation of a billion and thus become a member of the exclusive Billionaire Boys Club*. Families like the Rothschild’s, the Walton’s or the Brenninkmeijer’s have indeed built up impressiveContinue reading “Tune Into The Cloud: The Billionaire Boys Club”

Tune into the Cloud: Locked out of Heaven

 Locked out of Heaven In the cloud lock-in is often a greater concern than lock-out*, but both should be top of mind for organizations looking to deploy cloud seriously, or better said, for organizations that want to deploy cloud for serious business Lock-in is the phenomenon that it is often difficult (lengthy and expensive) forContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud: Locked out of Heaven”

Tune Into the Cloud: Blow

Blow  Once in a while there is a powerhouse that gives an entire industry a huge blow. An example of such a move is how Beyoncé released her latest album in what observers called a fan-oriented instead of an industry-oriented way. In the cloud such a role has been attributed to Amazon Web Services ,Continue reading “Tune Into the Cloud: Blow”

Tune into the Cloud: Alors on Dance

Alors On Dance The name Stromae is a verlan (a rehash) of the word Maestro, Stromea’s naïve language is French, and that makes it- as for many French speaking cloud providers – harder to become an international success. Across Europe consumers and businesses still look first for national and second for Anglo-American providers. And that’sContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud: Alors on Dance”

Tune into the Cloud: …And then there were three…

Last year I was asked to start as a regular columnist for the Dutch publication Cloudworks (cloudworks.nu). From now on the English versions of these Album themed columns (including links to the featured albums) are published here (english text included below). …And Then There Were Three…I did hesitate to start my first column with theContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud: …And then there were three…”

The art of listening

One of the first tips I got when entering the workforce was “You have two ears and only one mouth for a reason!”, meaning that in conversations with customers you should spend twice as much time listening as you do talking. Point was to avoid becoming like a radio with only one button: “Send”. OverContinue reading “The art of listening”