Tune into the Cloud – Losing My Religion

Tune into: a cloud mindset One of the tenets of the cloud religion is that it should be possible – through the use of intelligent software – to build reliable systems on top of unreliable hardware. Just like you can build reliable and affordable storage systems using RAID (Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks). One ofContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud – Losing My Religion”

Tune Into the Cloud: The Story So Far

In 2014 I started publishing my series of “Tune into the Cloud” columns on the Gartner Blog Network, below some of the highlights so far: Something Got Me Started – Tune into: the need for speed On how time to market – enabled by ever more productive cloud platforms – is ruling the battle for cloud dominance,Continue reading “Tune Into the Cloud: The Story So Far”

Tune into the Cloud: Something Got Me Started

Tune into: the need for speed By now it is widely acknowledged that cloud enables a fast (agile) start. But more important than a fast start is getting results quickly. We are talking then about high productivity platforms, a category of PaaS. Funnily enough, several cloud providers – such as Microsoft and Google – launched a PaaSContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud: Something Got Me Started”

Tune Into the Cloud: Thinking out (c)loud

Tune into: Cloud Migration? Unlike in the current hit song “Thinking Out Loud” – where singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran declares his love to last to well into his seventies – it remains to be seen how long the love will last when it comes to “Thinking of Cloud”. IT loves are often short-lived. In fact so short, we call them hypes. AtContinue reading “Tune Into the Cloud: Thinking out (c)loud”

Tune into the Cloud: Price Tag

Tune into: cloud margins. One of the most famous quotes of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is “Your Margin is My Opportunity”. This illustrates nicely how in the world of Amazon (and in the words of UK’s pop idol Jessie J*): “It’s not about the money³, we do not need your money³, we just wanna makeContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud: Price Tag”

Tune into the Cloud: Cloud.forSale

Tune into market consolidation Last time I looked it was still there. The domain name: cloud.forsale. And more or less against my better judgment, I contemplated putting a bid in. Cloud for Sale namely makes me think of the somewhat melancholic House for Sale (Lucifer, 1975) about two people who started in good spirits towardsContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud: Cloud.forSale”

Tune into the Cloud: Atlantic Crossing

Atlantic Crossing (the precursor to today’s Cloud.forsale post) published originally as a Dutch CloudWorks column in June 2013. When reading the title Atlantic Crossing readers of this 2013 cloudworks column may rather think of American cloud services coming to Europe, than of the 1975 album of the same name by English pop icon Sir Rod Steward. However, forContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud: Atlantic Crossing”

Tune into the Cloud: Hello World

Tune into Coding Although programmers for decades have been starting their careers by writing a “Hello World” program, the phenomenon has remained as unknown to the general public as the song of the same name by Lady Antebellum. But the former is now about to change. Programming is in fact the real “new way of working”. ForContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud: Hello World”

Tune into the Cloud: God is a DJ

Despite valiant efforts of the Dutch ICT association, the local ministry of economic affairs and tireless encouragement from (now former) EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes, my home country, the Netherlands, has been struggling to gain cloud momentum. Not an uncommon characteristics in Europe but a sharp contrast to the US, but also to Dutch progress in theContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud: God is a DJ”

Tune into the Cloud: Dock of the Bay

Tune into: Containers For this New Year’s edition of Tune into the Cloud I spend a quiet, sunny morning sitting on the dock of a harbor bay  – thinking of Otis Redding –  to look at the incoming and outgoing streams into our little country called cloud. But basically I saw only one thing go by, namely: containers! No trend is currentlyContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud: Dock of the Bay”