Tune into the Cloud – The Blogcast – Changes

Tune into: Composable Cloud Transcript: 2021 is just underway, but the word composable is already engaging in valiant efforts to become the it word (or IT word) of the year. Composable infrastructure, composable architecture, composable business, composable enterprise and yes, of course also Composable Cloud. If only because of the nice alliteration. The question isContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud – The Blogcast – Changes”

Tune into the Cloud – The Blogcast – The Business (in 2021)

Tune into: Cloud Distribution Transcript: 2021 is just underway and Tiesto is once again topping the charts here. This time with a track called “the Business”. So a good time to look at what the business in cloud in 2021 will be about.  For example, how will leading cloud providers be able to maintain theirContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud – The Blogcast – The Business (in 2021)”


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About Gregor Petri

TuneintotheCloud.com is the place Gregor Petri uses to archive his social media contributions to the Gartner Blog Network. You can follow Gregor at @gregorpetri and read his blog here or at the Gartner Blog Network or you can subscribe to his Tune into the Cloud Blogcast on Spotify or via one of the many available podcastContinue reading “About Gregor Petri”

Tune into the Cloud – The Blogcast – Rollercoaster

Tune into: Disruptive Change  One day, when – with the benefit of hindsight –  we look back at  2020, we will likely remember it as a period of  unprecedented, tumultuous and continuous change. The type of change that makes you a bit nauseous and scared at the same time.  Like a rollercoaster ride, but aContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud – The Blogcast – Rollercoaster”

Tune into the Cloud – The Blogcast – Thank you for the Music

Tune into: Podcasting Tune into the Cloud – The Blogcast – Thank you for the Music Let’s start with a disclaimer, please note that “These thoughts and views are my own and do not represent those of my employer.”For questions regarding this please review the full social media policy webpage listed in the show notes.Continue reading “Tune into the Cloud – The Blogcast – Thank you for the Music”

A Best of … Compilation

Here a short – end of year-  look back at the Gartner research I authored or coauthored during 2020. In total this included close to a hundred notes, that sounds like a huge number but the majority of those were related to the quarterly forecasts and forecast outlook presentations we publish as a team forContinue reading “A Best of … Compilation”

Tune into the Cloud – Pressure Off

Success, in bott the music and the cloud industry, is not merely about having the best product, delivered by the most capable performers. Even the best product (be it a service or a song)  will only make it to the top of the charts if it has been put together with just enough magic to makeContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud – Pressure Off”

Tune into the Cloud – Ho Ho Ho

And we are back (in this blog that is).  December is the time to look back and forth, and after posting the last original Tune in 2016 and a greatest hits eBook in 2017 there now seems to be again enough news and change to once again pick up the pace and follow the rhythm. However, not in theContinue reading “Tune into the Cloud – Ho Ho Ho”